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Schleich has once again launched a major new merchandise and point of sale programme for retailers to increase sales opportunities on its range of play figures and play sets...
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As part of a time limited marketing initiative, Schleich is offering its new and existing retailers a shelving system which will be subsidised by the firm to varying degrees, dependent on the package taken. The initiative is aimed at retailers which are committed to introducing the Schleich brand for the first time. However, retailers which are looking to extend their existing area in-store can also benefit.

Point Of Sale
Those stores that make commitment to the range will receive versatile and eye-catching point of sale material, together with support and advice from Schleich about how to make the best use of space. The modular display system is available in a wall or gondola format with integrated lighting.

Inventory management
As part of the partner program, Schleich is also offering a Vendor Managed Inventory tool as a way to automate re-orders and optimise inventory and sales operations. The electronic system means retailers will be better able to avoid missing stock on the shelves and increase the efficiency of selling space.

The point of sale programme is for a limited period only and Schleich welcomes new and existing retailers to take part. For more information call 01279 870000 or email




Its high quality Knights, Wild Life and Farm Life productions continue to notch up the sales across a range of retailers, and now Schleich is looking forward to a healthy summer thanks to The Smurfs and further expansion. ToyNews finds out more.

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