Rubik's brand branches into magic

Rubik’s has teamed up with Fantasma Magic to create a range of Rubik’s themed magic sets.
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Rubik’s has teamed up with Fantasma Magic to create a range of exciting Rubik’s themed magic sets, following on from the massive viral success of Steve Brundage’s Rubik’s magic tricks that took him all the way to the semi-finals of 2016 Americas Got Talent, the firm revealed at New York Toy Fair.

This brand-new line of magic, which is based on the Rubik’s Cube and has been developed by new Rubik’s master licensee The Smiley Company, will hit retail shelves in the US and Europe later this year and will capitalise on the growing popularity of this Cube today. From instant solves to mind-reading, these magic sets and individual tricks will keep consumers baffled by leveraging the best-selling 3-D puzzle of all-time.

“Rubik's is in the charts of several countries, including the USA as part of the top 10 best selling toys last Christmas," said Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani.

"It is now time to grow that fabulous brand equity with some very creative new products. The Rubik's magic range leverages the huge visibility of Steve Brundage’s jaw-dropping magic show on America’s Got Talent last year, seen by hundreds of millions of people. With the Rubik's range of novelty items we are creating for the first time a lifestyle range for people who want to show their smart side.”

The sets include both individual tricks and complete magic sets, providing the tools and instructions for hundreds of tricks. These magic sets will be available at a variety of price points and activities, including the Perplexing Magic set with 135+ tricks; the Mind Twisting Set with 200+ tricks and the deluxe Puzzling Magic Set with 300+ tricks.


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