Richard Edward hits the small screen

Company's appearance on How Do They Do It? to air in the UK this month.
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Richard Edward will be featured on ‘How do they do it?’ in the UK on Wednesday August 10th at 8.30pm on the Discovery Channel. The programme has already in the US.

The television production company was looking for innovative uses of paper, and discovered Richard Edward's production capabilities in manufacturing playing cards and games cards.

The programme was filmed at Richard Edward's offices and tracked a pack of branded playing cards throughout the entire production process.

‘How do they do it?’ focuses on the most amazing everyday objects, and how they are produced. The programme regularly records viewer numbers around the world of 150 million.

Louisa Moger, marketing director commented: "We were delighted to be selected for this fabulous opportunity to showcase how we, a British manufacturer, make playing cards and games cards.

"Playing cards are a timeless product, with universal appeal, and we are so excited to be sharing the passion and skill that goes into the manufacturing processes with such a huge audience, we are so excited for it to be aired for the first time this week."


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