Re:creation, Horrid Henry

Re:creation has signed as master toy licensee for kids property, Horrid Henry a year ago and is hoping to build on its success in 2008 by expanding the range...
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With over 13.5 million books sold in the UK to date, Horrid Henry is the second most popular kids book character behind Harry Potter, and is the number one selling annual. A staggering two out of three kids aged between five and nine in the UK own, or have read, a Horrid Henry book.

The brand also translated well to TV and is now rated the most successful series since CITV began. Some 104 episodes will be airing on ITV1 and CITV including 13 episodes per quarter throughout 2009.

Re:creation is planning to expand the Horrid Henry toy range to include articulated action figures and an interactive play-set for autumn/winter 2009.

The TV-advertised Purple Hand Gang Play-set allows the user to create new Henry adventures. As kids walk the five-inch Henry character into the tent, it collapses and Henry transforms into the roaring 7.5-inch T-Rex. The set also plays numerous phrases from the TV show. As well as furniture accessories, the set will be equipped with a fully working water blaster, small enough to be held by the five-inch Henry.

To accompany the play-set, there are five TV-advertised Horrid Henry five-inch action figures to choose from including Pirate Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter & Fluffy, Mischief Horrid Henry, Horrid Henry Skateboard, and Rude Ralph.

All figures have articulated joints and each one will come equipped with a set of accessories. Perfect Peter & Fluffy feature a slime-filled rubbish bin and the Mischief Horrid Henry figurine pack will be complete with Fangs the hamster and a jumping spider. Prices range from £3.99 to £34.99.

Re:creation will support the licence with a fully integrated marketing campaign including TV, print, PR and online activity. TV advertising will commence in August, running periodically through to December and totalling 300 TVRS.



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