Propel RC lands in the UK

Company has established itself as the number one premium RC brand in the US.
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Remote control toys firm Propel RC is landing in the UK this month.

The seven-year old company has established itself as the number one premium RC brand in the US, with Propel products in over 30 of the leading retailers in the US.

One of the best-selling SKUs at US retail is the Air Combat, a product that uses Propels advanced motion control technology to enable realistic real flight manoeuvres via a flight stick controller.

The Air Combat allows eight players to fly at once, allowing for cosumers to battle and have dog flights in the air. When hit, the Flight stick vibrates and colours flashing to tell when a player has been hit.

“We are incredibly excited to be launching our international expansion in the UK this year," said Propel's global CEO, Darren Matloff.

"We have become leaders in the RC category in North America by establishing the Propel brand, based on providing innovative products with industry leading quality, and building key retail partnerships. We will replicate this approach to form a platform for success across the international markets”

The launch will be supported by a comprehensive marketing programme, and Propel will also be announcing additional retail partners in the coming weeks.


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