Playtime: Seasonal advertising

This month, Generation Media looks at the seasonality of the toy market by revealing when most TV ads are shown throughout the year, from 2005 to 2012
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This month we review the seasonality of the toys and games advertising market, expressed as children’s TVRs by quarter.

As might be expected, the market relies heavily on Q4, with 40 per cent of all delivery in 2012 distributed in this quarter alone. This is more than the total for Q1 and Q2 combined.

Across the past eight years, ad pressure in Q1 and Q2 has accounted for around 32 per cent of total toys and games activity.

While not surprising due to the strength of Q4 sales, many advertisers have not taken advantage of the additional TV value available in these two quarters.

However, advertisers’ reliance on Q4 has somewhat diminished since 2005, when 48 per cent of total viewing occurred from October to December, versus 40 per cent in 2012.

Q3 has seen the largest growth versus 2005, no doubt due to advertisers increasing support for product ‘sell-in’ at retail during certain periods, like the July/August launch of the Argos catalogue.

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