Playground crazes

It?s been a strong year for low priced collectable items, with more than £120 million having been spent on toy items priced under £3 in the first three quarters. ToyNews takes a look at some of the current and future potential crazes?
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MATTEL 01628 500000

Following the unveiling of the top secret Hot Wheels Test Facility and the introduction of the adrenaline-fuelled Team Hot Wheels drivers, boys will now be able to collect die-cast cars tested by the drivers themselves. Each 1:64 scale car will now come in Team Hot Wheels packaging – one part of a new turbo-charged range of Team Hot Wheels products to be launched in 2011.
There’s news from Matchbox too with the launch of the Big Rig Buddies Mini range. Bringing to life the heroic play of the best-selling Big Rig Buddies, the pocket-sized die-cast and plastic worker trucks feature real transformations.
The line of Cars 2 toys for 2012 will feature new 1:55 scale die-cast Cars Change Ups, which take scene recreation to the next level. The favourite characters from the film’s expressions change, while race damage appears or weapons arm with the push of a button or a crashing motion.
There’s innovation from Toy Story with the Colour Splash Buddies range of two-inch buddy figures.
At two-inches tall, the WWE Rumblers may be small but they deliver big on play value. The WWE Superstars realised in mini form, the range of WWE Rumblers features small-scale Superstar styling with four points of articulation and a kung-fu grip.

ESDEVIUM GAMES 01420 593593

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) continues to be prominent with strong sales throughout 2011. The new series, Pokémon TCG Black & White – Noble Victories offers fans over 100 new cards to collect. Noble Victories introduces new powers and strategies, as well as the option of uploading your cards to the trading card game online to battle against players from all over the world. The Black & White series, which premiered in April, has helped facilitate a resurgence in the Pokémon TCG for 2011, with around a 50 per cent increase in sales across the board.
Iwako, the Japanese collectable erasers, have been a strong till point item for Esdevium. The collectables can be pulled apart and re-assembled or mixed and matched. Handmade in Japan, they are made with non-toxic dyes and are 100 per cent eco-friendly.
Moshi Monsters Mash Up trading card game has now entered its second series, following on from the incredible success of the first. The new series is available from Esdevium and features lots of cool new characters.
Esdevium has exclusive toy trade distribution for top BBC licences, including Doctor Who, Monster Invasion and Deadly 60, while also specialising in key collectables such as Match Attax and Halo minifigures.

MEGA BRANDS 01844 350033

The new Moshi Monsters portfolio includes Moshi Friends from Monstro City in the Moshi Monster Collector packs (£1.99). Each pack contains either a Moshi celebrity character or a new character. There are eight to collect.
The Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo series features four sets. The Moshling Zoo 13-piece buildable play-sets (£3.99) contain two Moshling characters, one of which is a surprise when opened.
The Mega Bloks Hello Kitty range also includes Micro Figure Mystery Packs (£1.99), which bring a new adventure with every costume. The Hello Kitty character packs (£3.99) are available in four buildable mini Hello Kitty characters. New themes include Painter, Beach, Garden and Music.
The new Mega Bloks Halo Series 4 Hero Packs (£1.99) are suitable for ages eight and over. Each pack consists of a buildable micro action figure, key weaponry, block display stand and a collector’s guide. Mystery figures are in selected packs.
The Power Rangers Samurai Blind Packs come in eight designs, each with one mystery figure, a weapon and a block. Boys can also assemble figures or dragons with two versions of Dragons Universe blind pack series. The figure packs include a micro action figure with weapon and block. Collectors can also enjoy Micro Dragon blind packs.
Mega Bloks Need for Speed action scale cars (4.99) feature six models and branded key launchers.

VIVID 01483 449944

The Moshi Monsters toy range includes the Monsters and their pet Moshlings. The range starts with Blind Bags (£1.99), which include two collectable Moshling figurines and a character card. Series one includes 48 characters and series two features 24 characters and introduces the Glumps to the range. The Collector Pack (£4.99) includes five Moshling figures, one of which is a surprise Moshling which could be a special character.
Secret codes feature in the collectables that can be redeemed for exclusive free in-game items in the virtual Moshi Monsters world. The Back Pack Buddy Assortment (£4.99) includes 12 characters to collect. The Moshling Soft Toy Assortment (£6.99) has 12 different characters so far. The Limited Edition Gold Collection Moshlings Tin (£9.99) comes with eight exclusive golden Moshlings inside an exclusive golden storage tin. Finally there is a triple pack of poseable Mini Monsters (£9.99). The Moshi Monsters range is being supported by a TV and PR campaign.
The Gyro-Botz, Zero Gravity Warriors range starts off with the Gyro-Botz Assortment (£7.99) which includes different characters each with their own distinct look. Each Gyro-Botz has an internal gyro which can be activated by using the ripcord included. Let the Gyro-Botz go and watch them bounce or place them on their heads and watch them spin and battle against each other. With 12 characters from launch, the Gyro-Botz can be battled in the Battle Arena (£9.99), rip the Gyro-Botz to activate the gyro, turn them upside down and place them in the arena. Their arms fall down and then battle commences and the last one standing is the ultimate Zero-Gravity Warrior.
The Gyro-Botz range is being supported by a TV and PR campaign and a dedicated website.
Following on from the hugely successful collectable boy band dolls, Vivid is set to broaden its tween category to include a new girls collectable called Celebz – miniature versions of celebrities. The Celebz Assortment (£4.99) launches with three boy bands – One Direction, JLS and The Wanted. Celebz are supported with TV advertising and a PR campaign.

FLAIR 0208 643 0320

‘Gross is Good’ when it comes to Flair’s new playground craze, The Trash Pack. The collectable range consists of over 170 individual Trashies, each representing of a piece of garbage that has morphed into a character – each with a different rarity. Kids can swap them and compete in games such as Garbage Strike or Stack the Trash. Trash Bins contain two Trashies, a garbage bin and collectors leaflet, the Dissolvable Bag has three rare Trash Pack characters or there is the bumper five pack.
Morbs are Morphing Orbs, which transform into a character when thrown or rolled. Spring 2012 will see new Morbs added.
The In My Pocket collectables are aimed at girls and include the Puppy in My Pocket Adventures in Pocketville series. The Pocketville collection has the flocked miniature figures, plus play-sets, dolls and cuddly plush to collect. Also new will be Puppy in My Pocket So Soft. Available as Mum & Babies or Puppy Triplets, the new assortments have the softest figures ever for the In My Pocket brand, plus added extras such as colour changing features and accessories.
The new Morphogenesis Series figures from Gormiti come in both Foil Bags and Battle Eggs. New foil packs are also available from Hello Kitty.

LEGO 01753 495000

Series five of the Lego Minifigures, features a range of new characters being introduced.
Lizard man is dressed head to tail in spikes. The Queen’s guard has a ceremonial rifle, a bearskin hat, red jacket and shiny boots. Small Clown is holding a custard pie and wearing a colourful suit and shirt and a blue bowler hat. The fitness instructor comes with a boom box and comes wearing a pink leotard and leggings combo. The gangster uses his fake violin case to aid scams and bank jobs, holds a gun and wears slick attire in the form of a black suit and pinstripe waistcoat.
This is a sneak peek at the full range – there are 16 in total to collect for a limited time only, retailing at £1.99 each. The ‘mystery bag’ Minifigures each come with their own special accessories, display plate and collector’s leaflet and combines easily with all classic Lego bricks and parts. The series five figures are available now and can be found at Argos, Tesco, WH Smith, John Lewis, Smyths and Toys R Us.

GLOW EUROPE +31 (0) 10 437 00 66

Bumpeez consists of two parts – a circular chip featuring a character, which is encased in a removable silicon ring that comes in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes. When the chip is in the ring, the Bumpee can be bounced against walls and used to play more than 25 games and perform tricks with the different shaped rings requiring a varying degree of skill to bounce.
There are over 100 characters to collect, including special limited edition gold, silver and swirly Bumpeez. Bumpeez also boasts an online recognition element via the official Bumpeez website, where kids can play in the Bumpeez virtual world and access various games and exclusive content by scanning their chips via their online webcam.

BANDAI 08456 028782

New into the market from Bandai is the Ben 10 Mini Figures range. Each collectable Mini Figure is based on a character from the Ben 10 TV show and has a retail price of £1.99. Packed in foilbags, each figure also includes a cross-sell leaflet of further Mini Figures to collect in the series.
Series one is out now and includes 16 characters and Bandai will release further Ben 10 mini figure series throughout 2012.

RAVENSBURGER 01869 363800

The Mini Mandala-Designer range is a stencil kit that creates mandalas (symmetrical circular designs). The kit is easy to use – pop the stencil into the plastic frame (supplied inside the plastic carry case), slide paper underneath the stencil and start drawing. Once you’ve drawn a shape, rotate the stencil, lining up the arrows to keep everything symmetrical. The kit contains a rotating plastic stencil (10cm in diameter), pen, four coloured pencils and paper, all packed in a sturdy plastic case measuring 14 x 14 x 3.5cm. The range includes four different generic designs – Classic, Ocean, Zoo and Romantic – plus one based on Hello Kitty. Mini Mandala-Designer has retail price of £4.99 and is suitable for ages six and over.
Children from ages three and over are the target audience for Ravensburger’s range of giant picture card games. There are seven different designs to choose from – Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Minnie Mouse and Cars, Bob the Builder or Octonauts. Each set contains 32 giant-sized picture cards and instructions for four easy-to-play games, ideal for the target age group.
The cards come packaged in a colourful cardboard carton, and have a retail price of £3.99.

TOMY 020 8722 7300

Tomy’s miniature doll range, Pinypon, is built around the collectable, interchangeable Pinypon dolls – with accessories, pets and play-sets also available. Over 10,000 dolls have been sold in two and a half months. The new girls’ range is flying off the shelves, repeating the sales success experienced across Europe.
Pinypon dolls have different pin on accessories such as handbags, and girls can mix and swap hairstyles, facial expressions, torsos and feet to create a completely different doll. The more girls collect, the more combinations they can create.
Pinypon Dolls are also available as Flower Theme Pinypon Scented Dolls, each with its own flower accessory, a distinctive floral scent and a tattoo transfer for the girls to wear. The Pinypon Gift Set Travel Pack is ideal for taking Pinypon out and about, with a choice of three stylish carry cases featuring two cute dolls, a poodle pet, over 30 accessories and three Pinypon postcards – or try the Pinypon Carry Bag which comes with a doll and pet and accessories.
There are also several larger Pinypon play-sets, including the Pinypon Car with Doll, the Pinypon Caravan, and the Pinypon Apartment, a play-set which opens out to reveal a bedroom, TV lounge, kitchen and hammock and a roof terrace.
2012 will see new styles of Pinypon dolls arriving. New Pinypon lines include fruit-themed Scented Dolls and Sports Themed Pinypon Pals – with a boy and girl doll with either tennis or ice-skating accessories.
There is also a new Five Figure Pack of Scented Dolls with a flower theme to collect.


Ruckus Card game has just won a Top Toys gold award, Toy Talk Awards highly commended and Rainbow Awards best game.
Ruckus is a fast-paced card game with no turn taking – everyone plays at the same time. There are no age limits. If you can hold cards, you can play as it is based around picture/character recognition.
Players deal out seven cards each, place any sets face up in front of you, with the remaining cards in your hand. Then look at your opponents’ sets and if you match, simply call out the name or character, add your card to the set and move it in front of you. If the action stops for one second, take a card from the face-down pile and continue building sets.
The first person to shout Rukus and get rid of all the cards in their hand wins. It’s the first to 77 points. Each round takes a maximum of four minutes.
Ruckus Deadly 60 will also be launching in 2012, with a host of new licences.

SPIN MASTER 01628 535 000

Zoobles are collectable colourful balls that spring to life when placed on their Happitat. There will be over 250 Zoobles (from £5.99) to collect by the end of 2011 with further worlds being launched in spring 2012. Each character is named and numbered and girls can track their collections on the Zoobles website.
The new Pop Art Series (£8.99) feature special ‘dipped’ design Zoobles making each one unique and even more collectable in their ‘display domes’. There will also be six new Mama & Zooblings (£9.99) to collect in spring, which hide a surprise in their tummy.
Bakugan moves into season four from January 2012 when Mechtanium Surge launches into retail. The basic brawlers are available in foil packs or retail pack (both £4.99) while all new Sky Raiders, that leap into action when they hit the gate card, retail at £6.99. Spring sees the launch of the new Mechtogan collectable figures (£9.99) alongside refreshed brawlers, game packs and accessories.
Tech Deck and Flick Trix will be branded under the ‘X-Concepts’ umbrella from spring with boards and bikes being available at retail from £4.99 and £7.99 respectively. A rolling change to the Tech Deck boards from spring will be the inclusion of Sticky Grip Tape, helping beginners to perform stunts and tricks by temporarily ‘sticking’ their fingers to the boards.

BIGJIGS 01303 250400

Bigjigs Toys will be expanding its pocket money selection for 2012. The new collection includes a selection of Snazzy Wooden Kaleidoscopes, which create dazzling patterns and colours. Available in a variety of wooden designs and retailing from £1.50 the range will provide positive, visual and mental stimulation with plenty of discovery.
A new range of colourful Snazzy Spinning Tops will also be introduced. Each one is made from handcrafted wood and the retail price is only 99p.
Another new addition for 2012 will be the Pull-back Racing collection. This line features eight cars consisting of four racing drivers and four different animal racers each with a pull-back mechanism. Recommended retail price is £2.50 each.
And finally, a classic activity for all ages, the yo-yo has entertained children for years. With an easily affordable retail price of 99p each, the Transport Yo-Yo collection comes in six assorted designs with bright colours and simplicity as a key selling point.

LEAPFROG 01895 202840

Following the launch of the LeapPad this summer LeapFrog has continued to develop its expansive library of games and e-books, specially designed for its range of connected gaming devices. With over 100 interactive apps to choose from, as well as a range of licensed cartridge games, children can now buy their own applications from £3.50 per unit.
By connecting the Explorer console or LeapPad tablet device to a computer, children can safely browse and preview over 100 apps online and purchase them using the Leaplet codes and App cards, available online and in-store at major toy retailers.
Children can customise their Leapster Explorer console by purchasing new games, e-books and videos. With units available from £10 each, Leaplet Download Cards offer many ways for children to enjoy learning.
In addition, LeapFrog has introduced App cards, which enable children to uncover and download additional software for their LeapFrog Connected devices. App cards allow kids to purchase apps for the LeapPad Explorer and the Leapster Explorer consoles, allowing them to use apps across both devices. The cards give access to a wider range of online content, with the option to download interactive Discovery videos and motion games, including a range of Disney and Nickelodeon characters.
Each of the cards comes with a unique code that can be redeemed online, allowing children to download new apps. In addition, parents can also use their credit cards to purchase items directly from the App centre.
Apps originally designed for the Leapster Explorer Games are now also fully compatible with the new LeapPad Explorer tablet. Children can also earn badges for their achievements, which can then be converted into online tokens to further customise playtime.
LeapFrog’s range of learning apps help children extend their skills across a range of subjects including spelling, maths, science, music and languages.

SCHLEICH 01279 870000

Schleich’s selections of animal and human figures make the ideal pocket money purchase.
There is a wide variety to choose from, including favourite farm and wildlife animals through to historical and fantasy themes. The smaller figures make ideal pocket toys for children from pre-school age. With everything from piglets through to giraffes, each hand-painted piece is true to life and of a quality that will last for generations. With no need for instructions, Schleich’s toys inspire imaginative play.
Point of sale merchandise makes sure all Schleich’s figures can be displayed in an eye-catching way for impulse purchases.


The Puppet Company has introduced a new collection of Wigglers puppets. The furry characters can be made to perform lots of wiggly wriggly moves and allow you to put your fingers into the head and tail pockets to get a wide range of movement. Simply place a Wiggler along the top of your arm and tuck three fingers into the head pocket, then cross your arms, place two fingers into their tail pocket and start wiggling.
The puppets have an RRP of £4.99 and there is a family of six Wigglers to collect in funky colourful designs.
Each comes individually poly bagged and has its own hang tag to explain how to use it. They can be displayed using slat line, on a stand or simply laid out and so will fit with any store layout. As an extra detail, each Wiggler is named after an apple.

THE IN THING 0845 365 3030

As its logo states, the team at The In Thing consider themselves to be ‘The Pocket Money People’. The firm holds over 1,000 SKU’s with 90 per cent having a price of £9.99 or below.
The two best current best selling pocket money lines are Moshi Monsters Slap watches, with a retail price of £9.99, and Moshi Monster Sport watches at £3.99.
The In Thing also believes it has the current largest selection of Moshi Monsters products in the UK with 40 SKU’s – over 30 of which have an RRP of £9.99 or less including Moshlings, soft toys, interactive plush, figurines and mini-figures, sticker sets, trading cards, collectors tins, Top Trumps, calendars, Clay Buddies, backpacks and more.
Magic Choc has had lots of media interest recently, with the tagline of ‘Chocolate that doesn’t melt’ capturing attention. The substance is a flexible but edible Belgian chocolate.
A patent protected method of tempering the chocolate allows it to set, while remaining flexible, resulting in a tasty product that can be formed to create as many shapes as the imagination allows: retail prices start from £5.99.
Magic Choc is made in the UK from the finest Belgian Chocolate, which doesn’t melt in temperatures up to 37°c.The magic formula reacts with the heat and natural oils in hands to become flexible.

REVELL 01442 890285

BalsaBirds are gliders made from lightweight balsawood, which can be assembled in a matter of minutes with no gluing required. The models are started by hand and the Stratosphere and Sky Soarer models are also provided with rubber band propulsion. The BalsaBirds are available individually or as part of an attractive counter display.
The range includes a glider, a jet glider, a biplane, a stratosphere and a soarer, which all retail between £1.75 and £2.50.

GREAT GIZMOS 01293 543221

Great Gizmos’ Kidz Labs pocket money science range contains scientific activities and features 15 kits, all priced under £5.
Each kit contains full instructions and facts for a different scientific experiment. For example, the Lemon Clock kit will help children to understand the science of batteries – by just adding their own lemon, it turns this project into a lemon powered clock.

HABA 0161 3049555

Many of Haba’s games in a tin retail at under £5 and are based on traditional game ideas. As each game is contained in its own tin, they are ideal for travelling. For example, Catch Me is a catching game with wooden mice and a dice, while Who Am I? has a head band and cards to fix onto it and children have to ask the right questions to discover their identity.
With over 30 games to choose from including card games, stacking and catching games, mini-board and dice games, there is something to appeal to girls and boys of all ages. Haba’s Tin Display Units make are suitable to display the games as an impulse purchase.


Hexbugs are micro sized robotic creatures which behave like real insects. Powered by tiny motors they scuttle over surfaces and each type behaves in a different way.
Hexbug Nano is the smallest in the collection and uses the physics of vibration to propel forward. The 12 fixed, angular legs can quickly navigate through mazes. The bug can also flip to its feet when turned on its back. When coming into contact with an object in its path, the insect will switch directions.
The latest addition to the range and also the largest, is the Hexbug Spider, which features 360-degree steering, an LED forward eye and two-channel, user selectable infrared remote control. The two-channel remote control enables the user to operate multiple bugs at the same time.
Hexbug Inchworm is directed by the user via a miniature infrared remote control unit. Each Inchworm and controller is outfitted with two channels, allowing two bugs to be operated independently or at the same time with seven-way steering. The Hexbug Crab uses autonomous light and sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from loud noises. You can control where it goes and make it change direction with the clap of your hands.
Hexbug Original feels its way around by sensing objects in its path and avoiding them, using its bump sensor feelers. Users can control where it scurries and make it change direction with a loud noise.
The Hexbug Ant has probing, tactile antennas and hooked claws. It features front and rear touch sensors allowing it to manoeuvre around objects in its path, whilst its wheel-legs propel it.


The Spanish company has introduced Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies, a new arts and crafts inspired pocket money collectable that combines the Moshi Monsters characters with creative play.
Kids can create the characters out of colourful plasticine and attach cardboard body parts to complete the figurine. A new website where kids can upload images and videos of their models is also live.
Two SKUs will be available for Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies.
The blind flow pack, priced at £2.99, contains two Moshi features cards, three coloured pieces of modelling clay and an adoption book including information about the character, instructions on how to make the Moshi, activity suggestions and an adoption certificate.
The Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies Box Set (£5.99) and includes Moshi features cards, six coloured pieces of clay, an adoption book and a cardboard scene. In total there are 48 characters to collect and create. E-max has appointed Click Distribution to handle the range in the UK and Ireland.

MARBEL 01208 873123

The new Phlat Ball has funky colours and variants and novelty value – it transforms from a disc into a ball when thrown. A three to ten-second time-delay feature inside provides an element of surprise as you don’t know when the disc shape will transform, suddenly popping into a ball shape. The ball retails at £5.99.
Anamalz is a range of 23 eco friendly wooden and textile animal toys priced at £4.99 each. Their characters are enlarged upon on the website, which also features animal facts and games.
The new Hape Mini Vehicles feature eight collectable cars in vibrant colours, from the sporty to the chunky and somewhere in between. The vehicles retail at £4.99 each and Hape works ethically and responsibly in its design and production process, sourcing new materials, such as replenishable bamboo, to create its toys.

JAKKS PACIFIC 01344 638900

Puffles are the penguins’ pets in Club Penguin, and have become a phenomenon of their own. A new Puffle, for around £6.99, is adopted every second in the virtual world, with more than 25m Puffles already adopted in 2011.
Jakks will launch a range of new Plush Puffles for spring, with three new characters per wave, and each one has new hair or hat accessories. Each now includes a one-to-one redemption model that will allow users to redeem the code associated with the product, to unlock the same Puffle hat or hairstyle, and one other item from the Treasure Book, for use in the virtual world. A hat or hairstyle is exclusive to the toy and can only be unlocked in the virtual world through physical toy purchase. The special hats or hairstyles will not be available in the in-world virtual catalogue.
Consumers are now also provided with bonus points when they collect all Penguins or Puffles in the assortments.
Also launching in spring are the special foil bag of Penguin, Puffle and Coins, for around £1.99.

BLUW 020 7627 1268

Eggbods, the mix ‘n’ match collectables from Bluw Toys have been joined by two ranges of licensed characters: Transformers and Ben 10.
Based on the characters from the recent Paramount Pictures live-action movie, Transformers Eggbods feature Eggtimus Prime, Bumble Egg and Eggatron.
Ben 10 Eggbods feature four characters based on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien series, including Egg 10, Ultimate Big Egg Chill, Ultimate Eggmungousaur and Egg Rath.
Swap different Eggbod heads with Eggbod bodies to create a whole range of new characters. Put Eggatron’s head on Bumble Egg’s body to make Mega Bee or put Ultimate Big Egg Chill’s Head on Ultimate Eggmungousaur’s body to make Humungous Chill.
Then the Eggbods can be bought to life as kids wind them up to make them walk around and move their arms.
Transformers Eggbods and Ben 10 Eggbods retail at around £5.99, while Classic Eggbods are £4.99.
The Classic Eggbods range includes: Captain Hard Boiled, Eggbot, Fireman Scramble, Crack Commando, Fairy Tinkershell, Eggalina Ballerina, Nurse Eggwhite and Eggs Factor.

RAINBOW DESIGNS 01329 227300

Rainbow Designs’ collection of pocket money toys features a range of classic and contemporary characters. The new Make & Play Gruffalo Kit sees The Gruffalo and mouse brought to life using printed fabric, stuffing and lacing thread. Accessories include stick on eyes, horns, warts and knobbly knee parts. The kit helps with the development of hand eye co-ordination and manual dexterity.
Wibbly Pig began life on the pages of a picture book series by author Mick Inkpen and now features in an animated series. The Wibbly Pig Matching Card Game includes illustrated activity game featuring Wibbly in an array of outfits including a spaceman’s suit, a snow suit and a tutu, and is designed to encourage memory skills and interaction.
Also in the Wibbly Pig range are the Wibbly Pig Bean Toys and there are three to choose from: Wibbly with a bow tie and tutu, Wibbly with a blue and white stripy t-shirt or just Wibbly. The plush are 15cm characters.

IMC 01904 720908

IMC is offering a version of Hopscotch based on the Monster High licence, featuring lights, sounds and the theme tune from the show. Kids can play alone or with friends and the item comes with a princess marker, eight lights, two songs and 11 different sounds.
The play mode offers three games: electronic hopscotch, which has no limit on the number of players; a follow-me game and freestyle. The game can also be folded for transport and storage.

DKL 01604 678780

Hama Beads’ range of small bead kits are priced at £2.50 and contain 450 beads, a small pegboard and ironing paper, which encourages children to get creative and make up to three designs. There are a wide variety of kits available which include different shaped pegboards and allow a multitude of models to be made including animals, cars, stars, hearts, boats, houses, people and flowers.
Hama uses coloured beads which are placed on a pegboard and ironed to fuse the beads into a permanent model.
Minland’s Minimobil range of collectable plastic vehicles are small, lightweight and come in an array of colours and designs. Durable and easy for small children to handle, each vehicle is made from flexible but robust plastic, and features non-removable safety wheels. At £1.40 each, the vehicles are available in eight different models including train, van, car, plane, helicopter and truck.
Miniland’s small plastic animals are available in various themed trays such as Forest Animals, Wild Animals, Dinosaurs, Farm Animals and Sea Animals and are ideal on shelves or next to till points. Each model comes with an information booklet, which details interesting facts and figures on the animal, and with prices from £1.99 they offer value for money.

GROSSMAN 0141 613 2525

Top of Grossman’s playground items are Megasaurs and Mermaid Magic. At the lower end of the price scale, Mermaid Magic come in a shell, which fizzes and dissolves in water to reveal one of 12 mermaids. When the mermaid’s tail is dipped from warm to cold water it changes colour.
Megasaurs are a range of dinosaurs which retail from 99p to £9.99. There are six new dinosaurs in the range suitable for children of three years and over. The sizes vary depending on which Megasaur you pick – Tyrannosaurus Rex is over 12-inches high.


University Games is supporting the growing pocket money toys sector with three offerings from The Gruffalo brand - The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game (£4.99), The Gruffalo Felt Play Board (£9.99) and The Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures (£9.99).
Retailing at under £5, The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game helps pre-school children develop colour matching, reading and rhyming skills, by playing cards in a race to match the most rhyming words and win the game.
The Gruffalo Felt Play Board feeds children’s imagination with soft felt characters that cling to a playboard and can be repositioned time and time again.
The Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures is a magnetic play-set featuring two play scenes and 27 pieces, including characters from the story that can be stuck on the play scenes, tin, the fridge, in fact anywhere that’s magnetic.
Many of the board games from University Games are available as portable Travel Games – ideal pocket money toys at £6.99. Choices range from Sort it Out, Smart Ass and Big Brain Academy for the older child, to Eric Carle’s ABC, Five Little Monkeys and Charades for younger ones.
University Games’ Great Explorations range of glow-in-the-dark planets and stars help children discover outer space. The 3D Planets in a Tube (£4.99) and the Glow in the Dark Stars (£4.99) allow children to experience the Solar System indoors.

UNDERGROUND TOYS 01708 375 975

Underground Toys offers a range of Mini Talking Plush with clips for the Star Wars range. The toys retail at £5.99 and recently picked up a Licensing Award.
The collection includes Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Darth Maul, Wicket, Jawa and Boba Fett, which all feature their own sounds and voices.


MGA Entertainment continues to add to its Lalaloopsy range, with the new Micro Lalaloopsy Surprise Packs, which will be launched in spring.
Micro Lalaloopsy is a new lower priced collectable segment of the original characters (£1.99). The dolls are each packaged in blind bags, which include a micro figurine, a cross sell poster and a sticker sheet. The micro toy allows children to mix and match by changing the heads and bodies with other Micro Lalaloopsy dolls. There are 24 characters to collect.
The Mini Lalaloopsy doll range will also see new characters and accessories. The dolls retail at £5.99 each and come packaged in a house.
There are 64 characters to collect in the range and 2012 will see further product expansion. Each doll comes with a pet and accessories.
MGA has also launched Kachooz pencil toppers, which have frizzy wacky hair. There are currently more than 50 Kachooz characters available to collect in the range and there are six groups, or Moops to collect. The tribes include the Rainbow Moop, Nervous Moop, 2Faced Moop, Highlights Moop, Mowhawk Moop and Punk Moop.
Kachooz are available in a two-pack (£3.99) and a four-pack (£7.99).

HORNBY HOBBIES 01843 23350

The Great British Classic range is a five-piece collection of some of the most iconic British vehicles in history. Decorated with Union Jacks or the London 2012 emblem. The line includes classic London cars, cabs, tube trains, planes and buses to mark the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic celebrations, each retailing at £9.99.
The Destination London 2012 Taxi Collection is an assortment of 40 London 2012-inspired die-cast taxis that each represents a different London 2012 Olympic or Paralympic sport. Each taxi, priced at £4.99, comes with a miniature collect them all leaflet and individually numbered products to aid the search and collect.
Hornby’s die-cast key rings is inspired by great British vehicles, major London landmarks and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic official mascots and most iconic venues, ranging from a red double decker bus and a classic red phone box to the Olympic stadium and Aquatics Centre. Available for £7 each.
Die-cast figurines of Wenlock and Mandeville also feature in Hornby’s collection. Dressed in a variety of classic British uniforms, the figurines are presented on their own stand and are priced at £9.99. Hornby has also created Wenlock and Mandeville key rings decorated with the Union Jack (£7).

WHAM-O 020 8568 6398

The Original Frisbee was launched by Wham-O in 1958 and now has a diverse product range across a range of price points. The line is priced from 99p to £9.99 from February 2012.
The Hula Hoop was also launched by Wham-O in 1958 and it now offers a complete range of Hula Hoops and games. An assorted range is available from £1.99 to £14.99.
Invented by chemist Norman Stingley in 1964, the Superball is made from a secret compound of materials known as ZECTRON, vulcanised at 165 ̊C and 80 atmospheres of pressure. The Superball retails at £1.99 and will be available in February 2012.
Now a member of the footbag hall of fame, Hacky Sack will retail at £2.99 and be available from February 2012.
Slip N Slide now offers a range of sports, games and feature slides for all age levels and at a number of price points. The range is available from £7.99 to £34.99 from February 2012.
Arctic Force is a new range of snow toys, with prices from £2.99 to £24.99. The Arctic Force Fort Maker can be used to build a snow barricade, wall or an igloo. With an offset ‘shovel’ edge for snow collection and an ergonomic handle. Finally in the pocket money price range, the Snow Trac-Ball fires snowballs up to 150-feet.

SCOOBITS 0208 412 1514

Scoobits personalise and customise scooters. The little characters strap onto children’s scooters, one on top of another, making a scooter individual and easily recognisable.
Recent sales trends via Scoobits distributors show that when a scooter is sold, customers are often also purchasing a Scoobit. This indicates that at the point of sale, customers are already thinking about how to accessorise their new toy.
Scoobits retail at around £3.99, and are recommended for children aged three upwards. There are 17 different character and colour combinations including a bee, a penguin and a shark. Scoobits can be collected and traded in the playground as characters are available in sets of three colours.

BRAINSTORM 01200 445113

The handheld Eureka Toys Nature Projector Torch has two domes to project different patterns onto bedroom walls. Available in two styles: sea creatures or wildlife projector domes. The Space Torch has 24 colour NASA and Hubble Telescope photographs, on three changeable slide disks. Supplied on backer cards at £4.99.
The Eureka Toys range also includes The Original Flying Bird. The flying bird has been delighting kids for over 40 years. The bird flies up to 25 metres by flapping its tear-proof wings, powered by a rubber-band. Supplied on a backer card at £6.99.
Dinosaur Picture Viewer is a new addition to the Natural History Museum licensed line. The pocket sized, pocket money viewers each include three discs with 24 animal photographs. Also available: Wildlife and Sea Creatures. Supplied on backer cards, the retail price is £4.99.
The Original Glowstars Company glow stars stickers retail between £2.49 and £4.99. The handheld Astro Projector Torch has three domes to project different space patterns onto walls. The range includes stars, planets or spacecraft and the body of the torch glows in the dark. Supplied on a backer card and retailing at £4.99.
Cosmic Glow is a range of plastic glow-in-the-dark shapes, with five different themes (£3.99). Pretty pink Glitter Stars are ideal for girls’ bedrooms at £3.99. Add glow in the dark highlights to pictures with Glow-in-the-dark pens (£4.99).

PLAYMOBIL 01268 548111

Priced at £1.99, Playmobil Fi?ures are centred on three key features: assembly, collectability and interchanging components.
The new range allows children to assemble Fi?ures, take them apart, collect the full set or mix and match body parts and accessories to create a new character in any one of 144 combinations. Launched in August and supported by TVRs and PR, the collection has exceeded expectations and is shaping up to be one of Playmobil’s most successful ranges in terms of volume.
Fi?ures Series 1 contains two assortments of 12 figures individually packaged in foil bags – pink for girls and blue for boys. Each bag contains an unassembled figure and an insert with assembly information and an image of all the characters in the range.
As all Playmobil characters are built to identical dimensions, children can also play with their Fi?gures in existing ranges. Series 2 will launch early 2012.

RE:CREATION 0118 973 6222

Re:creation is launching three Moshi Monsters pocket money lines with a key point of difference – they are wearable accessories. The range includes Moshi Monsters Zippsters (£1.99), a variety of 3D Moshlings attached to a child-friendly clasp, which can be easily hooked to a zip. Available in individual mini box packs, Zippsters include two Moshlings per pack, with 48 boxes per CDU.
The Charmling Bracelet (£2.99) is made from a durable silicon material and can accommodate up to eight exclusive Moshling charms. The bracelets are available in a variety of colours, each pack includes a bracelet and two Moshling charms in a blind foil bag. There are 12 different Moshlings to collect in series one and the Zippsters can also be attached to the bracelet.
Moshi Monsters key chains, (£3.99), feature the six Moshi Monster characters. Standing at 6cm tall, each character is supplied on a key chain and will be packed in a blister pack. The pack also includes a free Moshling charm which can be added to the Charmling Bracelet. The Moshi Monsters range will be supported with a TV campaign throughout 2012.
The new Dinowaurs foil bag collectable includes a dinosaur figure, information cards and battle card which gives an added dimension as a battle game. Featuring real dinosaur species, including newly unearthed giants, there are 36 Dinowaurs to collect in series one at £1.99 each.
The UK product launch is supported by a TV campaign.
Ickee Stickeez are squishy, squeezy, sticky, little characters, each with their own personalities and, for spring 2012, are evolving to series two with 24 new species to collect. Ickee Stickeez are available in single foil bags at £1.99 or three-pack foil bags at £2.99.
Space Putty is the revolutionary compound that uses the latest silicon technology to create play putty with unique and engaging properties.
It can be stretched, sculpted, mixed to make new colours, rolled into a ball and bounced and it will melt over time and morph into unusual shapes.
The putty comes in blister packed 20g tubs at £1.99 with three variations: Colour Change, Lumies and Aliens. Colour Change Space Putty changes colour when it heats up; Lumies Space Putty glows in the dark, and Aliens Space Putty features iridescent colours.

GREEN BOARD GAMES 01494 538999

Green Board Games Brand is launching a pocket money range of door hangers to allow children to personalise their doors (99p). The hangers display either ‘DO NOT ENTER’ on one side or ‘ENTER’ on the other, allowing for children to choose to tell family members if they would like some privacy. Available in 12 varieties to suit any personality including tidy princesses, messy monsters, football fans and rising stars.
The firm will also be expanding its Colour and Learn range of colouring books (£4) with books on ponies, birds, sports and art. A new range of extreme dot-to-dot books will also introduced, with an RRP of £4.

WINNING MOVES 020 7298 9500

Top Trumps is all about discovery, competition and play and the card game has been around for more than 40 years. Through a mixture of facts, stats, imagery and the world’s hottest licences, the game is always evolving.
This year Moshi Monsters, Hello Kitty, Cars 2 and The Smurfs proved to be among the most popular packs. The packs retail at £3.99.
Top Trumps also extended its digital offering this year with the creation of the Top Trumps collection app. Within three days of launching, the Top Trumps dinosaurs’ app was number three in the download chart.
Many parents and teachers like Top Trumps as it delivers a range of educational benefits through ‘camouflaged learning’. Every year, Top Trumps organises a National Schools Top Trumps Tournament which sees more than 100,000 kids up and down the country battle it out to be crowned the latest Top Trumps Tournament Champion. In 2012, the Schools Tournament will be themed on the London 2012 Olympic Games with Sir Steve Redgrave as ambassador for the Schools Tournament.


The market for tattoos has expanded globally and recent figures in the UK reveal that around 20 million adults now sport a tattoo. And with celebrities including X Factor’s Tulisa, Cheryl Cole and David Beckham all bearing body art.
Amav, an Israel-based toy manufacturer with a reputation for quality craft and activity toys for children, is launching a new line of temporary tattoos into the UK.
There are two unisex ranges to choose from. Amav Color-in Tattoos and Amav Hip Hop Tattoos offer more than 100 colour-in designs of temporary tattoos and six markers, which enable the user to colour in the tattoos before placing them on their skin. Products are designed for children aged six and over. The Color-in set includes designs such as Hearts and Butterflies, whereas the Hip Hop set features designs including dragons and skeletons.
Amav Tattoos are distributed exclusively in the UK by Treasure Trove Toys and are packaged in colourful boxes which will retail at around £9.99.


Match Stars is a range of football action figures from Pattni Imaginations which retail for £9.99. The range features five football clubs – Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC, as well as the England national team. Players on offer include the likes of Rooney, Carroll, Messi, Fabregas, Gerrard, Lampard, Van Persie and Wilshere.
Each figure comes with official replica kit featuring all club sponsors, as well as Premier League name and numbering for the English clubs. The figures are also fully poseable and have movable head, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees and ankles, as well as a spring-loaded kicking action.
The club-based figures will be hitting the shelves in time for Christmas, while the England line will be released in spring next year to coincide with Euro 2012. There is also a pack of Match Stars-branded accessories set to retail at £7.99 and designed to support and complement the range. The accessories include a goal, cones, balls, whistle, target practice piece and set of yellow and red cards.

SAMBRO 0161 707 5555

Sambro offers a wide range of pocket money toys which retail for under £10. From Fisher-Price, the firm has a range of wooden puzzles and a bath creative line.
Many of the pocket money lines are from key licences. Sambro will launch a Spider-man carded toy and colouring range to coincide with the new movie in 2012. There is also a collection of games and water guns based on evergreen licence, The Simpsons. Another evergreen, Spongebob Squarepants, is available on colouring materials, games and water guns. Sambro also offers a large Disney stationery, colouring and gift range across all franchises.
Finally, the company is getting involved in the music scene with One Direction and Justin Bieber stationery and bags.


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