OPINION: Family values in a modern world

ToysLab marketing manager, Igor Vorontsov delves in to the issue of upholding the family values in a world of tech toys.
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In today’s world, where everything is measured by functions, cost and effectiveness, it is very hard to find something filled with emotion. This is OK for electronics or cars, but it is not good when it comes to toys.

Making toys is something more than just a business - at least it should be, though many toy manufacturers are starting to forget this. Modern toys are much like modern gadgets that are more about distancing people from the real world and offline communications. This is a problem for adults, but it becomes a real disaster when it comes to kids.

But now there are new toy brands that use some old but everlasting real family values. Meli Dadi is that kind of brand, though old values do not mean the absence of innovation.

When it comes to Meli Dadi we’ve got a unique approach, producing toys that are filled with technology, but that appeal to emotions. Every toy in the product line is made in order to build a bridge between young parents that belong to the smartphone generation and their kids. All the technologies in these toys are used to make the playing process exciting for kids while keeping it fun, easy and comfortable for their parents.

The very first live presentation of the Meli Dadi product line will take place this week at the Deauville Preshow. Another chance to get acquainted with this unique and innovative brand will be at the upcoming Toy Fair in Nurnberg.



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