Only one winner?

As usual, I?ve got something to say about this year?s BTHA/TRA awards evening.
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Previous evenings have been criticised by many in the industry for the way they were organised, the cheap production values, quality of presenters and so on. But this year’s were much improved. Great venue, good idea to have the BTHA pick the retail awards and the TRA the toy of the year. Common sense really. All good. Almost.

The only bone of contention I have is that The Entertainer won retailer of the year again. Not that it didn’t deserve to. Let me be clear on that. I helped judge it and it was by far and away the best and most complete entry. Far more care went into it than any other entry and the winning store was unquestionably the best.

My point is there is no-one else offering a serious challenge. Where are Smyths? The reclusive Toys R Us (are they part of the toy industry?) Where are the rest of the multiples? Where are the really good indies?

I suspect the format of the awards will get a complete overhaul. But if it doesn’t get a lot more support it will be three in a row for the Amersham boys next year. Which will only be what they and the industry will deserve.

Come on. At least put up a fight.


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