NPD reveals international toy growth

A new report from NPD has shed light on growing international markets in the Middle East and Russia.
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According to NPD sales in the UAE increased 17 per cent last year, while the market worldwide shrank 0.8 per cent. Global sales fell last year to $78.1bn from $78.7bn in 2007.

The toy market in the Emirates grew to US$379 million (Dh1.39 billion) from $323.8m as people spent more on their children and bought board games and other toys to entertain at home.

The proportion of sales of board games and outdoor games over other toys in the UAE increased to 17 per cent last year from 15 per cent. People in the UAE also spent $30 more per child.

The UAE toy market ranked 15th in the world last year in terms of growth, and 31st in terms of overall market share.

In Russia, the toy market increased the most last year, rising 33 per cent over 2007.

The European toy market shrank from $24.8bn in 2007 to $22.5bn last year, a 10 per cent drop.

Toy sales in North America fell by four per cent, from $24.3bn to $23.3bn, while sales in Asia increased 11 per cent, from $19.1bn to $21.1bn.


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