Now Revell unveils commemorative Titanic Gift Sets

Firm highlights 100th anniversary with range of model kits.
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Firm highlights 100th anniversary with range of model kits.
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The 100th Anniversary Edition R.M.S. Titanic Gift Set (£49.99) is for experienced modellers. In addition to the plastic model kit to scale 1:400, the set includes six paints, brush, glue and a host of historical reprints: three postcards, original 24-page publicity brochure, a dining room menu plus transfer sheet for ship names and markings.

The model features a wealth of detail with timber decks, lifeboats, railings, funnels, stairways and masts.

A less demanding but equally interesting option is the RMS Titanic Set (£26.99), including two plastic model kits of the RMS Titanic in scale 1:570 and 1:1200, as well as the basic accessories: paints, brush and glue.

Both the model kits are available individually - the RMS Titanic (£17.99), to scale 1:570 and the RMS Titanic (£5.99), to scale 1:1200.

There will be a further addition to the range later this year with the new 1:700 scale RMS Titanic (£17.99), to commemorate the 100 Year Anniversary of its sinking.