Now May makes Meccano bridge

BBC presenter's James May's latest high profile project is to build a life-size Meccano bridge.
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The creation is part of the BBC2 series James May’s Toy Stories, where he takes iconic toys and does something huge and ambitious with them.

The Meccano project sees May taking his life into his own hands by walking across a 23 metre bridge constructed entirely from traditional Meccano.

The birdge will be built using more than 100,000 0.5 inch wide strips, girders and bolts of Meccano.

Sue Barratt, country manager of Meccano UK, said: "We are thrilled to be part of such a brave and exciting project in Meccano’s homeland of Liverpool. James May has always been a big advocate of Meccano and we’re pleased we could assist him with his goal to create this magnificent structure built from parts used by everyday Meccano enthusiasts.

"Meccano has advanced massively in recent years and we hope this iconic bridge will get people interested in today’s Meccano and the process of construction."

May has been careful to stay faithful to the mechanics in Meccano and chose a bridge that moves, with one nine metre beam sliding into place like a canal lock gate, with the other 12 metre section rolling down like a drawbridge.

The construction of the bridge was handled by the students of Liverpool University’s Mechanical Engineering department with some help from the North East Meccano Guild and is expected to have taken approximately 1100 hours upon completion.

The bridge resides on the new Leeds Liverpool canal extension, which runs from the Albert Dock, past the foot of the Liver building all the way to Leeds and the rest of the European canal system. The bridge has been erected outside the Liver building (Britain’s first sky scraper) as a celebration of the successes of Liverpool and British engineering.

The BBC is inviting visitors to bring along their own Meccano creations on the day.


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