Noddy heads to Spain

Disney Channel to air Make Way for Noddy episodes in Spain.
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Icon Animations has reached a deal for Chorion's Noddy to air on the Disney Channel in Spain.

The broadcaster has picked up all 100x10 minute episodes of Make Way for Noddy and the 100x2 minute Say It With Noddy, alongside three 26-minute TV specials: Noddy Saves Christmas, Noddy and the Island Adventure and Noddy and the Magical Moondust.

Using CGI, Make Way for Noddy features the character and his friends learning life's lessons from their everyday adventures in Toy Town. Say It With Noddy introduces children to the English language by highlighting words or phrases that are familiar to kids and are part of their everyday lives.

In the UK, Make Way for Noddy currently airs on Five and consistently rates in the top five pre-school programmes for three to five year-olds.

The show airs in more than 100 other countries including the US, Japan, China, Germany, Australia and India. Noddy has also secured more than 200 licensees worldwide, with more than 1,000 products available.



US makes way for Noddy

Noddy license owner Chorion has agreed a deal with US brand management company FUNimation Productions, to become master licensor for Noddy in the US

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60 years of Noddy

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