Nikko unveils 2010 lines

Following its restructure, firm launches product line-up for spring/summer 2010.
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The r/c manufacturer has given Toy News a first glimpse of its range now that it’s back in business in the UK.

First off is the J-Kart, a comic-styled Kart with the ability to fly. Available in three different colors and frequencies, allowing kids to go head-to-head.

The unique suspension system gives the kart full grip when driving, upgrade the speed and the Kart can drift and with even more power, it will fly.

The OCTO 360 is able to drive against the wall, flip over, drive upside down, and does 360 degrees spins. The product is powered by a 6V NimH Battery pack.

The Gyro Hawk helicopter brings Gyro technology to the mass market, meaning you can touch the helicopter in flight and it will auto correct itself.

The new sales structure for the UK contains a strong focus on FOB sales, although there will be a distributor appointed to focus on the retailers who want to buy domestically.

The FOB orders will be handled by Nikko's office in Hong Kong and a dedicated sales manager for the UK is in place.

Elian Leemans, who has been working in the European headquarters of Nikko for seven years, will be the UK's main contact. From the European office in Breda - The Netherlands, Leemans will visit the key accounts in the UK on a regular basis and will also be available in Hong Kong

Following the Pan European strategy, Nikko is planning TV campaigns for J-Kart and the Voice Heli, a helicopter which can be controlled with voice commands, during spring season.

For all further info, please contact Elian Leemans,

Direct line: +31 765 48 06 04
Mobile: +31 612 96 27 56


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