New World Record for Rubik's

Record for the number of people solving a Rubik?s Cube at one time is now held by a group of English schoolboys
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134 boys aged 11-14, students at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham, Bucks (UK) broke the previous World Record of 96 people, which had been held since December 2008.

The group all solved the iconic puzzle in 12 minutes.

The challenge was organised by maths team leader, Chris Savvides, who said: “The boys’ tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to the project over the past five months has been amazing.”

“They learned how to solve the cubes themselves, the rationale being to demonstrate what school students are capable of achieving, with the right amount of motivation… and that there is no need to teach them in the traditional sense when they are enthused in what they are doing.

"We are very proud of them all, particularly Tom Strudwick (Year 7 – pictured in the foreground, with glasses), who completed his Cube in just 30 seconds.”


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