New report spotlights UK toy market

A new report into the UK toy market has been published by Research and Markets, valuing the sector at £2.16bn.
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The report divides the market into nine product categories - infant/pre-school toys and games; activity toys; outdoor and sports toys and games; games/puzzles; dolls; action toys; vehicles; plush toys and other products.

It blames the declining child population for the slow-down in the market although it says the upturn in birth rate since 2003, is having a positive effect on pre-school toy sales. However, products aimed at older groups are yet to benefit.

The report also says toys and games market has limited scope for growth in the current competitive children's market. However, the existence of strong brands and established companies in the sector is a positive indicator it concludes.

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Irish eyes on UK market

Irish retail giant Smyths is currently planning an assault on the UK market and hopes to have a number of stores up and running before the end of the year.

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