New Pocoyo app from Zinkia

Pre-school hit Pocoyo is being boosted by the release of a second iPod app.
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Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends, available in English and Spanish, debuts as the Company’s first Pocoyize app exceeds 10 million downloads via the web, and 550,000 downloads via the iPhone.

The application will provide children, parents and caregivers the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they paint Pocoyo and his friends’ colouring pages, experimenting with creativity and color as they let their inner artists out. New sets of colouring pages will be available on demand via the app.

Initially released for Christmas 2009 for the web, the Pocoyize app has seen significant growth in the last six months alone, with web users increasing from six million in June 2010 to 10 million this month.

In June 2010, the Company unveiled the Pocoyize app for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, which to date has received over 550,000 downloads,



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