New MyIDolls range aims to provide kids with 'a healthier body image'

New range of dolls from the Swedish start-up are designed to look like 'actual grown-ups'.
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A new Swedish company is readying a line of dolls designed to give children 'a more equal society, a healthier body image and more imaginative play'.

The MyIDolls look like actual grown-ups to give children realistic role models to identify with, and the dolls have neutral facial expressions and no set characters to allow a child's own imagination to fill in the blanks.

"We got fed up with the amount of toys on the market portraying skewed body images, unrealistic beauty standards and stereotypical gender roles, that kids grow up with and therefore are influenced by," said MyIDolls founder, Julia Taube.

"Women with thin waists, thick hair, tiny feet, big eyes, bright smiles - kind, caring and here to please. Men with muscles, muscles and more muscles - tough, daring and independent. We´re sure you've heard it all before. The thing is, we believe that representation matters. We wish to give all kids access to the same opportunities to develop a variation of abilities and skills, regardless of gender."

To keep informed of when the first line of MyIDolls are available to stock, click here.



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