New Kong: Skull Island toys revealed

Action figures by Lanard offer first glimpse at new monsters from the upcoming film
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The first toy designs based on upcoming monster flick Kong: Skull Island have hit the web, offering the first glimpse at the monsters set to appear in the film.

The first set features a giant Skull Island Spider along with a soldier and jeep. The next two sets feature dinosaur themed designs with Pterodactylus with Boat and Figure set and Dino Monster with Shack and Figure set.

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There are also two vehicle-themed sets: Storm Strike Monarch Expedition Team Helicopter and Figure set and Storm Strike Monarch Expedition Team Boat and Figure set.

Finally, Lanard revealed a Kong 18 inch Mega-Figure with Soldier set, for those who wish to appreciate the scale of the classic movie beast.

The figures are expected to hit shelves in mid-February.


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