New Gogo's Crazy Bones Superstars on the way

The latest range of Gogo's Crazy Bones collectables launches this month.
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The new Gogo’s Crazy Bones Superstars range, arriving towards the end of the month, features the 80 most famous and sought after characters from the first four series. Each character has been adapted and improved and Superstar status is confirmed by a brand new 'fuzzy' finish.

The collection is completed by four Most Wanted Superstars combining fuzzy and metal effects.

A further new and unique addition will be Gogo’s Crazy Bones cubes. The cubes can be used to store and display the collection and link together to create displays. The cubes also create brand new gaming options.

The collection is complemented by a 32-page sticker album and guide with profiles for all of the characters, as well as information about the games that can be played with them.

Packets of Gogo’s Crazy Bones Superstars will contain two Gogo pieces, two stickers and one cube, priced at £1.99. The 32 page album will be priced at 99p.

Marketing includes a TV advertising campaign and product sampling. The collection will be further complemented by the launch of the Official Gogo’s Crazy Bones Comic from Titan.


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