New firm launches first Irish-speaking plush

Galway-based Bábógbaby is introducing a range of educational toys and resources.
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After seeing a gap in the market for Irish speaking educational tools Adrian Devane set up Bábógbaby earlier this year and went about designing a plush bear that speaks Irish to help toddlers and children learn some Irish words.

Bábógbaby teaches toddlers and children 33 words in Irish and is suitable for children aged three months and over.

The bear includes three modes - numbers, colours and shapes - the child can press the buttons to hear the teddy speak the corresponding Irish words.

The toy is designed to help develop motor skills, language and discovery and exploration skills. Bábógbaby can be seen and heard on the interactive section of BB is now available to pre-order on the same website.

Bábógbaby has a dill, phone cd/book and a TV series in development, along with other language versions of BB.


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