New direction for NY show?

The success of this year’s American International Toy Fair in New York, without the Toy Center building, could open the way for a new more centralised show.
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With no Toy Center exhibitor were forced to gather entirely at the Javits Center and the move seems to have been a great success for the show, which has been in a state of flux for the last few years as the US industry struggled to solve the problem of losing the Toy Center.

"TIA's Annual International Toy Fair in New York took on a whole new character in 2007," said TIA President, Carter Keithley. "For the first time, virtually all toy vendors were under one roof at the Javits Center rather than divided between the Javits and the Toy Center in Mid-Town
Manhattan. The resulting energy was electric, and many exhibitors reported having their best show ever."

"Exhibitors that previously had shown their products in private showrooms in the Toy Center reported that they achieved new exposure for their products by being at the Javits," said Keithley.

"Things are constantly changing in the toy business, and our Toy Fair is finding its way to a new relevance with new purposes and new energy."



NY tenants end search

According to US trade-mag Playthings, New York Toy Tenants, the group of former International Toy Center tenants that has lead the hunt for a suitable replacement showroom building in Manhattan, has suspended its search

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