New Accentuate app launches

New app is free to download for iOS until Boxing Day.
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A brand new Accentuate app has launched on iOS.

The app captures the guess-the-accent gameplay of the party game that secured investment in the BBC Dragons’ Den earlier this year, and is currently free to download until Boxing Day.

The app allows teams of players compete live against each other in a race to be the first to score 15 points.

Players can pick a film quote, repeat it in an accent randomly-selected by the app, and see if teammates can guess which region or country they are trying to mimic, before the timer runs out.

There are bonus points for teams who correctly guess the movie and year of release too.

“The Accentuate app perfectly and uniquely dovetails into the ingenious and comical gameplay of the Accentuate card game such that we are convinced the app will broaden the hilarity and appeal of the concept of the game," said Dave Brown, CEO of Apposing, the creators of the Accentuate app.

The Accentuate app is available to download now for iOS, free of charge until midnight on Christmas Day (£1.49 from Boxing Day). 


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