National coverage needs local effort

Particularly since Woolworths closed, there's now a huge number of opportunities for retailers to increase sales, and Dream Toys is one such opportunity. But the question is, are retailers ready to make the most of the opportunities for increased publicity and awareness Dream Toys generates, and turn them into sales?
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The TRA puts a lot of effort in getting product before the public through many different mediums – press, TV, radio.

The people who buy toys regularly have probably adjusted their buying patterns now that Woolies has disappeared, but there a lot of uncles and aunties, grandmas and grandads out there who only buy toys at Christmas or for birthdays who may not have a clue where to go and buy now that there’s no Woolies.

So it’s a huge opportunity for retailers to do something different in-store. I think the local press for instance, would welcome a phone call from a retailer who has got the best sellers, the full Dream Toy list. It could be a great photo-opp for some free local publicity.

Are retailers going to change their windows when the list is published in October to capitalise on the £1.5m worth of free publicity generated over a 72 hour period by the Dream Toys event?

That continues over into the weekend as well. To make the most of that it needs to be picked up a local level.

Manufacturers invest a lot of money going to Dream Toys and the TRA works hard to maximise coverage of the event too.

All the information is on the Dream Toys website on the morning the list is released and we also send it out to all TRA members. But it needs to be picked up locally.

It would be great if all the people on the shop floor knew what was in the list so that everybody is promoting toys and the opportunities created are distilled right the way to store level.



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