The Meccano exec lets us in on a few of the favourite things in her life...
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Favourite album: The most up to date Now album (sad I know!)

Number one single when you were born:
Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade

Film: Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Hot Fuzz, they both really make me laugh

Book: Anything steamy

TV programme:
If it’s got ‘celebrity’ or ‘reality’ in the title, i’ll watch it

Magazine: I love Now, I buy it most weeks

Holiday destination: An all-inclusive somewhere exotic

Pet: I did have a rabbit called Snuggles once but I didn’t feed it so my parents got rid of it

Charlie Sheen (he just doesn’t care!)

Trip Advisor is so useful and of course Facebook

Way to spend a weekend:
Pub followed by dinner and maybe a walk in the woods opposite my house

Scrabble on the iphone

Tipple: Vodka in the pub and red wine with dinner (but not on school nights)

Food: I love eating. But a roast is probably my favourite

Piece of advice:
Life’s too short to worry about the
small things


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