MY FAVOURITE THINGS: Janina Maciejewska

The Disney Category Manager tells us about a few of her favourite things.
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Favourite album: I think I would be too embarrassed to say as I’m a bit of an 80’s lover.

Film: I have lots of favourites but I would say Shawshank Redemption, Invictus and Crash as well as loads of rom-coms.

Book: Memoirs of A Geisha and The Help.

TV programme: Spooks. I honestly want to be one.

Magazine: Red Magazine.

Holiday destination: Canada.

Pet: I would absolutely love to have my own dolphin, but as I can’t it would have to a big chunky grey cat.

Number one single when
you were born: I don’t know.

Heroes: David Attenborough. My geeky side is a
love of wildlife.

Way to spend a weekend: Little lie in, scrambled eggs on chunky bread, long country walk or mountain bike, home to red wine, warming dinner and a good natter.

Game/toy: I am still a bit scarred about not ever having a Mr Frosty. My mum said I couldn’t have one as it would rot my teeth.

Tipple: Full-bodied red wine.

Food: Asian. Especially Vietnamese.

Piece of advice: Live every day as if it’s your last. Pack as much in as you can so you never have any regrets.


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