Lego's PR and promotions manager, Emma Owen tells us all about the things which tickle her fancy...
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Favourite album: It will be Progress – the new Take That album.

Film: Sex and the City

Book: Chocolat by Joanne Harris

TV programme: I hardly ever watch TV but I love fashion and design themed programmes


Holiday destination:
Anywhere with snow and big mountains so that I can ski

Pet: Ben the Welsh sheepdog and Flint the horse (both now deceased)

Heroine: Wonder Woman with her superhuman strength and lasso of truth.

Way to spend the weekend: Doing something fun with the family in the day like roller skating or cycling. Partying (without the kids) in the evening.

Game/toy: Many, many moons ago it was making mini towns out of Lego for my Pippa dolls to live in

Tipple: Champagne, naturally.

Food: Lettuce. And very dark bitter chocolate

Piece of advice: Life is for living. Don’t look back and regret just look forward and enjoy each day’s new experiences.


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