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This month, Rob Trup lets us in on a few of his top picks...
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Favourite album: Amy Winehouse, Back to Black. Never a bad time to listen to it.

Film: The Italian Job (original)

Book: At the moment, the Harry Potter series. They are truly motivating my son to read.

TV programme: The Sopranos - just sublime.

Magazine: Occasionally I'll buy a cycling title.

Holiday destination: I learned to love the non-Costas Spain when I was living there.

Pet: Never had one, but it looks like we are going to get frogs this spring for our empty frog tank!

Hero: No real 'heroes' but I do think Barack Obama has made an awe-inspiring journey.

Way to spend the weekend: Trying to steal as much rest as possible in between the endless arrangements for kids and family.

Game/toy: I play ultimate frisbee - a bit like football but played with a flying disc. (and no, no dogs)

Tipple: Good malt whiskey doesn't go amiss.

Food: Love Indian, the spicier the better. Re-'discovered' vindaloo at Nuremburg this year.


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