MV inks plush deal for Corsa characters

Vauxhall Corsa ad stars, The C'Mons have been made into plush.
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MV Sports will be rolling out the collection of five characters - Red, Moo, Blue, White and Cherri - from July 9th.

Apparently, the characters already have something of a cult following, with a set of five original promotional editions changing hands for over £200 recently and celebrity fans including the likes of Radio 1's Chris Moyles and the Sugababes.

MV says that one national retailer has already placed repeat orders at 25 times the initial intake within two weeks of the C'Mons going on sale.

The range starts with the six-inch 'sucker' plush collectibles, moving up through eight-inch and ten-inch sizes with sound, up to giant 20-inch cushion characters. Each has its own hand knitted sweater and will be presented in weighted display assortments with eye catching graphics.

MV will be supporting the line with prime time TV throughout the year, plus cinema advertising, a high profile PR drive and lorry-side advertising. Indeed, the firm is claiming that no other plush range will have anything like the marketing support afforded to the C'Mons.


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