Moshi Monsters hits 50 million milestone

Mind Candy's online craze has reached 50 million registered users worldwide.
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Parent company, Mind Candy, has risen from near bankruptcy in 2008 to be one of the fastest growing start up firms in Europe and is due to generate over £60 million in total gross retail sales.

Over half of all UK children aged six to 12 now own a Moshi Monster. The figures are similar in Australia and New Zealand and the US is catching up with 15 million registered users.

Following the success of the website, Mind Candy has developed a wide-ranging licensing programme including toys, books, video games, trading cards and a magazine.

Mind Candy is also currently in talks about music projects, live tours, a TV platform and a Moshi movie.

Michael Acton Smith, CEO and founder, Mind Candy, commented: "We’re thrilled to see Moshi Monsters experience such rapid growth across the globe.

"We’ve hit 50 million users and have even more ambitious plans ahead. Our vision is to build the largest entertainment brand in the world for this new digital generation of kids."


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