More Numberjacks for BBC

Pre-school hit Numberjacks will be returning to the BBC after a second series was commissioned.
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Due for delivery in 2009, the second series will be made up of 20 x 15-minute episodes with a full High Definition mix of live action and 3D CGI.

Since launching in the UK in October 2006 Numberjacks has achieved audience figures in excess of 450,000 viewers on CBeebuies. The show is also doing well off air, with DVD sales in excess of 175,000 units and a new dedicated Numberjacks magazine performing very well.

Chris Ellis, Creative Director of production company, Open Minds, said: “We are delighted to have been re-commissioned by CBeebies, and proud that they share our confidence in the long term future of Numberjacks. Numberjacks is a very successful show, and we look forward to continuing to bring exciting entertainment to young people whilst helping them get off to great start in maths”.

In addition to the new series of Numberjacks, 2009 will see Open Mind begin production on its next TV and online series, Letterjets, as well as continuing the management of the rapidly expanding Numberjacks commercial rights programme world-wide.


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