Micro Scooters joins American Freshman's 2015 Big Yellow Bass Bus Tour

Micro Scooters will be provided to American Freshman staff, giving them a fun way to move around each event.
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Brand & Deliver has secured a partnership between Micro Scooters and American Freshman for the scooter firm to support the clothing brand's 2015 Big Yellow Bass Bus Tour of the UK.

Running from now until late October, the tour will take in multiple destinations including Thorpe Park, Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, The Cereal Killer Café in Brick Lane and six UK university campuses: Exeter, Nottingham, UWE in Bristol, Birmingham, Lancaster and Leeds.

Micro Scooters will be provided to American Freshman staff, giving them a fun, quick way to move around each event as well as creating a sense of theatre.

The scooters will also be offered as prizes in a ‘Battle of the DJs’ competition to support DJ Yoda in a gig at Thorpe Park, run through social media channels.

A pop-up store will enable visitors to buy the latest American Freshman apparel, while a live DJ draws in the crowds.

The partnership forms part of a wider 12-month campaign promoting scooting as a fun, quick and healthy way for adults to get around.

“American Freshman and Micro Scooters share the same core brand values; they are free-spirited, adventurous and fun," said Rich Barnes, head of partnerships at Brand & Deliver.

"This partnership will add a sense of drama to the tour, while helping promote Micro Scooters to students audiences throughout the UK.”


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