MGA close to completing Smoby deal

Smoby's future now seems secure after Bratz-owner MGA edged closer to completing a deal for the French firm.
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Placed under French bankruptcy protection last month, Smoby is currently finalising details of the acquisition with the US firm. There are no details on how much MGA is paying for its controlling stake. There is currently an information lockdown on the deal as the two firms come closer to completion.

The deal is good news for Smoby as MGA, which is keen on European expansion and has plans to open an office in the UK next year to handle its Bratz brand, looks likely to invest in the firm beyond its initial controlling interest.



MGA stake clouds Zapf deal

The acquisition of an 18 per cent stake in Zapf Creation by Bratz manufacturer MGA, has cast some doubt on Bandai’s much vaunted purchase of the German doll maker.


Advantage MGA?

MGA may have moved into pole position in the race for control of Zapf Creation, after rival bidder Bandai’s offer failed to win over shareholders.

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