Mega Bloks contests Plastwood claims

Mega Brands has dismissed Plastwood's claims that recent litigation against the company has harmed the magnetic construction toy market.
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In a suit filed in the US District Court's Western Washington District in Seattle, Plastwood, the manufacturer of SuperMag, says its sales plummeted after Rose Art's Magnetix brand was blamed for a child's death and for serious injuries to other children who swallowed the small magnets which came loose from its toys.

"Plastwood introduced the category of magnetic construction toys in 1999 and we have spent an extraordinary amount of time and money making sure that our toys exceed the highest safety standards," said Edoardo Tusacciu, president and founder of Plastwood. "Regardless of the care we took with our products, we believe the actions of Mega Brands have led to the death of one child, and injuries to dozens of others."

Mega Brands has made a statement contesting Plastwood's claims, however, saying: "The complaint does not provide support for Plastwood's allegations of its own lost sales and other consequences. The Corporation believes it has valid defenses to the complaint and intends to defend the action vigorously."



Magnetic rivals head for court

Magnetic toy specialist Plastwood is taking Mega Brands to court, claiming it ruined the magnetic construction toy market after its Magnetix brand was blamed for causing the death of a young child and injuring others.


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