Meccano is next in Vintage at Goodwood line-up

An art installation constructed out of Meccano will be created visitors at this summer?s new festival.
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Co-founder of Vintage at Goodwood, designer Wayne Hemingway, personally invited Meccano to get involved in the festival celebrating five decades of British cool after he recalled fond memories of playing with Meccano as a child.

Hemingway commented: "Meccano is one of Britain's most enduring inventions that has inspired and encouraged creative minds for generations.

"The idea that every visitor to Vintage at Goodwood can contribute to an architectural Meccano artwork is truly in the participatory spirit of this festival.”

Led and designed by sculptor Will Nash, festival goers will help to create the eight-metre high monument out of more than 100 spherical Bucky Balls, inspired by inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller. (An impression of the structure is pictured.)

The finished balls will be put together into a structural mass of bubbles to create the spectacle. 40,000 pieces of traditional Meccano are being used to create the piece over the three-day festival. On the final day of the festival, the Bucky Balls will be given away to visitors.

Sue Barratt, country manager of Meccano UK, added: “We are thrilled to be part of such an ambitious and exciting project. Vintage at Goodwood is the perfect stage to demonstrate the creativity people can have with Meccano; it really is a toy with no limitations other than your imagination.

"We’ve advanced massively in recent years and we hope this iconic design will get people interested in today’s Meccano and the process of design and construction.”

Sculptor, Will Nash will be working in collaboration with Artworks, who project manage art commissions and collections for public and private projects.

A team of 14 volunteers, including Portsmouth and Brighton University students, will lend an expert eye to proceedings, as well as festival goers who are invited to contribute to the build of the structure.

Nash said: “I am very excited to be building a huge Meccano Buckminsterfullerine structure at the Vintage at Goodwood Festival.

"It is a great opportunity for me to work with visitors to the festival and experiment with pure geometric form on a large scale in what looks to be a very special environment.”


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