Mattel unveils The Hunger Games Barbie

The collectors Katniss Barbie doll will hit retail in August.
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Following its initial resounding success at the box office The Hunger Games looks set to be a huge kids franchise, and now its licensing programme has scored a victory in the credibility stakes with the addition of number one fashion doll brand Barbie.

The doll of main character Katniss is in the outfit which the character wears into the 'Games at the start of the film. She comes with a mockingjay pin, bow and arrows and her signature plaited hairdo.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the dolls designer Bill Greening, said: "Hopefully "Hunger Games" fans can appreciate the attention to detail."

"The doll's minimalistic style and details, such as her loosely braided hair and makeup-free look, also really embody the heroic character Katniss."

The doll will initially be available to pre-order via Amazon and on, where it’s priced at $29.95.

Retailers wishing to stock the item can contact Barbie brand manager Naomi Sheahan:


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