Mattel unveils big Christmas hope

After a well-publicised teaser campaign, Mattel has finally unveiled its big hope for Christmas  -   T.M.X Elmo - at a launch event in Hamleys.
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Prior to launch the product has been seen only by a handful of industry experts worldwide, but Fisher-Price are confident that it can be one of this Christmas's biggest lines

In a bid to maintain the secrecy, TMX Elmo was delivered to Hamleys in the early hours of this morning and remained under wraps until the official unveiling. The toy will be available from 20th September.

The launch marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the original Tickle Me Elmo which became one of the most sought-after Christmas lines in 1996.

Dave Pope, Head Buyer for Hamleys added: “ We expect TMX Elmo to be our number one toy for Christmas. It will appeal to both kids and adults alike and cannot fail to put a smile on your face. It will undoubtedly become a classic.”



High hopes for Mattel

With the licence already set to become an unexpected Chrstmas success, Mattel is bringing forward the release of its DVD board game of Disney’s surprise teen hit, High School Musical.


Mattel readies Lazy lines

Mattel has revealed more on its plans for big-name kids TV licence Lazy Town, with a range of products across a variety of sectors due for launch in the autumn.

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