Logiblocs reaches ten year milestone

Logiblocs is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the toy business this year - returning to the Harrods Toy Kingdom in December where it was first launched in 1996.
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Logiblocs was originally conceived to help children understand the basic concepts involved with the 'hi-tech' world. Since its creation, the company has focused on bringing out the fun aspects of the product, too, such as creating 'booby traps' and surprises, as well as recording and playing back messages in door entry systems.

More recently there has also been a LogiRobot, however, all of the products are based on the need for children to build their own working circuits and getting satisfaction out of achieving that.

In schools, Logiblocs has continued to grow steadily, being adopted to fulfil a particular curriculum need for teachers in around 4,000 primary and middle schools.

On the retail side, the product has been most successful in France, although it is a puzzle to MD Tony de Rivaz that it hasn't reached the same levels of success elsewhere.

"The initial hope for Logiblocs on the retail side has not, even now after four million blocs have been made and sold, been fulfilled," he said. "The need to understand and demonstrate the product in order to sell it adequately has been an understandable challenge for retailers.

"It is obviously easier to sell the famous brands and media driven products that tend to dominate the industry - but the fact of having been around now for ten years does in itself give people more confidence in a product. And other interactive products that have emerged in recent years have educated the public to be more receptive to technical products like Logiblocs."



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