Konami revamps Yu-Gi-Oh online service

Konami Digital Entertainment to introduce Yu-Gi-Oh Online Duel Accelerator for PC in March 2010.
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Konami is readying an overhaul of Yu-Gi-Oh, which will add a range of new elements, cards and systems to the game.

The Online Duel Accelerator will offer duels with the latest characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s TV series along with old favourites.

Players will be invited to create a 3D avatar for use in the game, while the basic mechanics of online dueling will also change and will now be played at no cost.

Boosterpass points will be available to buy and enable players to add new cards, which can be bought at retail, by credit card or via mobile phone through a Premium SMS service.

Konami has opened free Beta trials of the Online Duel Accelerator now, which will continue until the end of February at www.yugioh-online.net.

Konami has also released details of its Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game events for 2010, featuring a new structure that offers a wide range of competitions for ardent duelists.

Throughout 2010, Konami will host new Duelist and Pegasus leagues, the first of which is an open system aimed at younger players, and will be informal events without a strict tournament structure, with prize cards on offer to all attendees.

The Pegasus League has been established to allow duelists to experiment with new deck strategies, and will have additional deck-building rules. The rules for these will change every few months. Both leagues are set to take place from mid-February.

These new leagues will be in addition to the regular local tournaments Konami already oversees and the Sneak Peak events where the cards from the new sets are previewed.

Konami will also continue to push its gala National Championships. These will be preceded by qualifier events running between January and April, with the best players entered for the Nationals which will be held in May and June.

Winners of the National competitions will qualify for the European Championship in June/July, with the winners of this heading to the World Championship in California on August 14th-15th.

The second half of 2010 will then see the introduction of a new ‘Signers Challenge’ series, which will precede the ‘Signers Finals’ as the end-of-year national competition.


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