Konami adds Twilight to Yu-Gi-Oh

Firm to release Twilight Edition, the latest addition to its Yu-Gi-Oh 5D?s TCG on January 14th, 2010.
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Twilight Edition comes as a special edition box with three nine-card boosters and an additional card, and has been specially created to offer the very best light and dark monsters from the series.

The edition is also the first series to offer fans easy access to the ultra rare Honest card, one of the most powerful additions to the series of recent times.

Each pack guarantees the user the Honest card, and also contains the best light and dark monsters from the last two years of the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s TCG.

The Twilight Edition will contain one booster each of the ‘Light of Destruction’, ‘Phantom Darkness’ and ‘Tactical Evolution’ sets, allowing duelists to create powerful bespoke decks.

Pete Stone, UK general manager for Konami Digital Entertainment commented: “Twilight Edition will add new power to the decks of duelists all over the country.

"As one of the first major releases of 2010, it is only fitting we give the fans what they have wanted – and have done so in the ability to combine the most powerful light and dark forces, and in releasing the powerful Honest card.

"This will add new depth to players’ decks, and we can promise Yu-Gi-Oh fans many more exciting advances in the coming year.”


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