Kids TV debated

Broadcasters, producers and regulators to meet to discuss amount of UK-made children's TV screened.
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Campaign group Voice of the Listener and Viewer has spoken out on its fears about the impact that BBC cuts could have on the back of ITV's decision to stop commissioning new shows for children.

The group, which campaigns for quality broadcasting, said planned savings of five per cent for six years in the BBC's children's budget were "draconian" and a "betrayal of the public service ethos", according to BBC News Online.

Its 13th annual conference at the British Academy, London will debate the issue with commissioners from the BBC and Five, plus programme makers and regulators.

The BBC is expected to say that new technology and ways of working can bring efficiencies without cutting quality, and there will be new investment to put children's output online and on digital radio, as well as TV.

In a report published last month, Ofcom said parents were concerned about the decline in UK-made programmes in favour of cartoons and US imports.


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