Kids play with a fortune

The average child?s bedroom is filled with toys and technology worth £1,720, according to a report by Lloyds TSB Insurance.
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Up by seven per cent on 2006, British kids’ bedrooms are collectively worth £25.4 million, while one in ten bedrooms is filled with goods worth over £3,000.

The research also claims that 90 per cent of parents intend to spend £500 per child on Christmas presents such as a Nintendo Wii, Transformer, Igglepiggle, Playstation 3, X Box 360, Dr Who Dalek Mask, Sky + and Puppy Grows.

70 per cent of children have a TV in their room, 53 per cent have a DVD player and 51 per cent have a games console. More than one third of kids have an MP3 Player while almost one fifth have digital TV and 15 per cent of kids own a single toys or gadget worth over £500.

Phil Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: “Behind closed doors kids’ bedrooms are turning into Aladdin’s Caves of toys and technology.And their value is only going to increase this Christmas as parents splash out on the latest must-have toys.

“But despite kids’ bedrooms costing a small fortune, many homes may not be adequately insured as parents don’t necessarily know how much their home contents are really worth,” Loney said.



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