Jakks inks Songify deal

Firm links with app developer, Khush, to create a toy based on Songify app.
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Firm links with app developer, Khush, to create a toy based on Songify app.

Songify was developed in part by YouTube stars, The Gregory Brothers, along with Khush and was launched in the summer of 2011 as the first mobile app that turns speech into music instantly. Jakks Pacific plans to bring the technology to the toy aisle this summer.

With more than seven million downloads and 100 million songs created to date, Songify can carry anyone’s tune by using technology that transforms spoken words into song.

Jakks’ Songify toy will allow users to simply press record and talk directly into the toy, which instantly analyses their speech, slices it into a chorus and verses while mapping it to a melody, and produces a beat to go along with the corrected voice pitch.

The Songify toy will then combine all of these into a finished song. Users can then listen to the song in a variety of styles, select their favourite one, save it and play it.

"Partnering with Songify aligns with our strategy of combining technology with entertainment and creating the hottest consumer products that target how kids today interact with smart phones and tablets," said Michael Bernstein, senior vice president of marketing, JAKKS Pacific.

"With Songify, we are taking a successful app and turning it into a tangible product that we believe kids and adults alike will have a lot of fun spending countless hours creating music and sharing their recordings with family and friends."

Prerna Gupta, CEO of Khush, commented: "The success of the Songify iPhone app has shown that people everywhere have an innate desire to turn moments of everyday life into song.

"We are thrilled to be taking this unique technology into the toy aisle with the Songify device and hope it will allow more people to experience the joys of 'Songification.'"

Jakks Pacific debuted its Songify toy at the American International Toy Fair in New York this week.