Is this the end of broken toys?

New Supra B plastic is created that can 'heal' itself
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Good news for parents, but possibly bad news for glue manufacturers – a new material has been created that will mend itself when broken or cut.

Supra B is being developed by chemical company AkzoNobel, the firm behind brands such as Hammerite and Dulux, in conjunction with scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands.

The new material, which is known as a supramolecular polymer, has been called Supra B.

Here's the science bit: It takes advantage of a kind of bonding that gives water its viscosity and surface tension. Known as hydrogen bonding, it uses the attraction between hydrogen atoms and other atoms such as oxygen or nitrogen, according to The Daily Telegraph.

"We are working on polymers that are able to heal themselves," said Graham Armstrong, corporate director of research, development and innovation at AkzoNobel.

"They use supramolecular chemistry, which exploits some of the lessons we have learned from the way proteins bind together in biology. It means we can have solids that genuinely can heal."


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