INDIA: China blasts import ban

China complained at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) yesterday about India's ban on its toy imports.
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China used the meeting of the WTO's Technical Barriers to Trade committee to raise the issue, but has not yet filed a formal complaint.

The dispute has been closely watched as an example of trade tensions between developing countries, while fears are growing that protectionist measures could worsen the economic crisis.

China told the committee that the ban was discriminatory and violated basic WTO principles. India, meanwhile, rallied that it had held talks with the country on the issue and hoped further talks would resolve the matter.

Chinese vice minister of Commerce, Zhong Shan is visiting New Delhi this week to resume discussions.

India imposed a six-month import ban on toys from China in January, citing public interest, later making it clear that it had health and safety concerns about the products.

India later announced it was open to discussion on the matter. On March 2nd it relaxed the ban to allow shipments certified by global safety agencies.


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