IDW Games hopes to you make an offer you can't refuse with new The Godfather game

The Godfather: A New Don sees players take control of major mafia families in Fifties New York.
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IDW Games has developed a new official tie-in board game to the classic crime movie, The Godfather.

The Godfather: A New Don, out this summer, sees three to six players take control of one of the major mafia families, each trying to assert their power in the streets of 1950s New York.

A game of 'influence and control', The Godfather: A New Don is an area control game with unique dice mechanics.

Each round players will roll their individual pools of dice and decide what area of the city they’ll want to focus on trying to capture. The current Don will be able to make players an offer they can’t refuse and steal dice from their limited supply.

“I’m excited that we created an area control game that uses dice in a unique way," said co-designer Jay Cormier.

"It’s accessible for inexperienced gamers but deep enough to please the serious gamers."

Co-designer Sen-Foong Lim added: “We’ve come up with a special blend of strategy and negotiation mixed with just the right amount of luck to capture the feeling of the crime families vying for control of New York.

"I really enjoyed tying the facets of the film into the game’s mechanisms."

The Godfather: A New Don is out this summer.

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