Hot Toys unveils Joker, Predator and Iron Man ACGHK exclusives

Figures are all exclusive to this month's Animation Comic Game Hong Kong fair.
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Hot Toys has unveiled a range of high-end figures exclusive to the Animation Comic Game Hong Kong fair.

The firm has revealed a Python Iron Man figure, a Joker figure and a new Predator figure exclusive to the event.

Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Python (Mark XX) figure replicates the long distance Iron Man suit seen in the climatic battle in Iron Man 3.

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Elsewhere, the firm's latest 1/6 scale Joker figure recreates Heath Ledger's performance during the opening bank robbery scene of The Dark Knight.

The figure comes with his shotgun, clown mask and a bag full of grenades.

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Finally, Hot Toys's 1/6 scale Ancient Predator figure recreates the creature as seen in Alien Vs Predator.

The figure comes with a range of weapons and masks as well as a Xenomorph's head on a stick.

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The Animation Comic Game Hong Kong fair takes place from July 25th to 29th.


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