HIVE ENTERTAINMENT: New licences announced

Hive Entertainment and Tomy Yujin Europe have reaffirmed their partnership in the UK with a host of new licences.
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Since agreeing the distribution deal in March, Hive has delivered over 500,000 Gacha capsule toy sales through both specialist and independent retailers in the UK.

First to arrive in early September will be two collections based on High School Musical. The first collection will offer Heart Shaped Danglers presented in metallic heart tins. The second collection arriving mid-September will consist of a collection of eight different mini photo frames.

TYE also announced new collections based on SpongeBob SquarePants (October), Hello Kitty (October), Hannah Montana (November), Disney Pixar Cars (October), Pokemon (September) and Super Mario (December).

Having experienced considerable success already this year with collections that include Disney Pixar Cars, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Winnie the Pooh and more, TYE are confident that its new collections will be even bigger.

Hive’s Commercial Director Simon Moore commented:

“Despite the current economical situation, we are still experiencing increasing demand for gacha product. With such strong licences coupled with the fantastic product quality and the impulse price point, consumers genuinely love this pocket money toy solution that doesn’t break the bank.

"For retailers, Gacha is delivering high volume, high margin incremental sales with a great collectible value to ensure repeat purchase. The strength of the licences we are now working with is second to none.”


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