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Mega launched its latest MagNext product at Toy Fair earlier this year with the help of teen sensation, George Sampson. MagNext Battle Strikers is now getting ready to spin onto the shelves...
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Kids can build and personalise their turbo launcher by selecting one of 16 different magnetically enhanced and element-themed spinners, depending on each tactic. Once built, the turbo launcher is then charged, allowing it to spin straight into battle.

Using the controller, kids can accelerate their striker at 7500 RPM and feel the magnetic power as the controller is used to knock opponents out of the game.

There are 16 spinning tops to collect with four different themes: fire, earth, air and water, and individual performance levels and names. Kids can customise the Strikers and there will be two in the collection with limited availability.

To get straight into the world of Battle Strikers, the Starter Pack includes the turbo launcher, controller and one exclusive Striker. The Tournament Set includes two Strikers, two turbo launchers, two controllers, and an arena for quick and furious battles. The Battle Striker arena is also available to buy separately.


Mega Brands will support the launch of Battle Strikers with an extensive marketing campaign, including TV and print advertising, events and online PR activity.

A major retail launch with a celebrity ambassador is planned for central London, The firm will also be running 800 TVR’s in August and September across the UK and Republic of Ireland, with further campaigns to come for the main season.

In addition, Mega has secured a sponsorship deal with a high profile children’s TV network, reaching its prime target audience and will be hosting Battle Striker Turbo Tours in holiday hot-spots throughout the UK.



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Mega Brands has had a tough time recently and recall nightmares have contributed to its heavy level of debt. But with some licensing deals and optimism in Battle Strikers, the firm is confident it can come off the ropes fighting. We spoke to CEO Marc Bertrand about its ongoing battle?

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