Heineken Skyfall ad features Waddington's Number 1 cards

Classic brand is Bond's 'preferred playing card' for the new lager advert.
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Waddington's Number 1 cards have been featured in a James Bond-themed Heineken commercial.

The ad starts with Bond himself giving some grisly-looking Russian agents the slip.

It’s then a case of mistaken identity as a regular guy is thought to be 007 and is pursued as he flees onto a moving train. Our hero encounters a room of stereotypically attired Russians playing cards (with the Waddington No1’s, of course).

He then spontaneously builds a Kremlin-shaped house of cards with the Waddington’s and, after overcoming some other obstacles, eventually links up with Bond. The pair then quaff couple of lagers together. You can see the advert in full below...

Skyfall is showing in the UK from October 25th.

Waddington's Number 1 cards are distributed by Winning Moves.


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